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Dioceses in China A-L

For the list of the dioceses, the new nomenclature of the Annuario Pontificio was used. Dioceses and their names according to the CPA are shown as cross-references.

, see Xiamen 


Anguo [Ankwo], 15.4.1924 Apost. Prefecture Lihsien, 13.7.1929 Apost. Vicariate Anguo, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Baoding


Sun (Souen) Dezhen, Melchior (1924-29), Apost. Prefect

Sun (Souen) Dezhen, Melchior (1929-36), Apost. Vicar

Wang Zengyi (Tseng-yi), John Baptist (1937-46) Apost. Vicar

Wang Zengyi (Tseng-yi), John Baptist (1946-51), Bishop

Liu Difen, Stefan (1989-92), Bishop
Wang Feili
?), Bishop


, see Anqing

Ankang [Hinganfu], 28.3.1928 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA patriotic dioceses of Ankang


Soggiu, Giovanni (1928-30), Apost. Prefect

Barracciu, Berardo (1932-40), Apost. Prefect

Favarato, Emilio (1941-47/48), Apost. Prefect

Maleddu, Pietro (1948-83), Apost. Prefect

Ye Ronghua, John (1987- 2000), Administrator

Ye Ronghua, John (2000- ), Bishop

Wang Xiaoxun, John (2016- ), Coadjutor Bishop

Anking, see Anqing

Ankwo, see Anguo

Anlong [Lanlung], 16.2.1922 Apost. Prefecture Lanlung [Anlong], 27.4.1927 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of diocese of Guizhou


Carlo, Alexandre (1922-27), Apost. Prefect

Carlo, Alexandre (1927-46), Apost. Vicar

Carlo, Alexandre (1946-52), Bishop


Anqing [Anking, Huai-ning], 21.2.1929 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese, for CPA together with Wuhu, Tunxi and Bengbu patriotic diocese of Anhui


Melendro Guttiérez, Federico (1930-46), Apost. Vicar
Melendro Guttiérez
, Federico (1946-78), Archbishop

Zhu Hua-yu, Joseph (1997-2005), Bishop

Liu Xinhong, Joseph (2006- ), Bishop



Anyang, see Jixian

Bameng, see Yinchuan


[Paotíng, Ching-Yüan]
, 14.2.1910 Apost. Vicariate Central Chi-Li [Ce-Li Centrale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Paotingfu, 11.4.1946 Diocese Paotíng [Baoding], for CPA the diocese of Baoding includes also Anguo and Yixian


Fabrègues, Joseph (1910-23), Apost. Vicar

Montaigne, Paul Leon (1924-30), Apost. Vicar

Zhou Jishi (Chow Chi-shih), Joseph (1931-46), Apost. Vicar

Zhou Jishi (Chow Chi-shih), Joseph (1946), Bishop

Fan Xueyan, Joseph Peter (1951-92), Bishop

Wang Qi-wei (Ki Wei), John (1958-1990), Bishop

Shi Chunjie, Paul (1987-1991/93), Aux.- Bishop

Qu Jingfeng, John (1982-88), Bishop

Zhu Yousan, Joseph (1984-88), Coadjutor

Chen Jianzhang, Peter (1988-92), Coadjutor

Chen Jianzhang, Peter (1992-1994/95), Bishop

Pan Deshi, Matthew (1991-2005), Bishop

Su Zhimin, James (1988-93), Aux.- Bishop

Su Zhimin, James (1993-95), Coadjutor

Su Zhimin, James (1995- ), Bishop

An Shuxin, Francis (1993-2006), Aux.- Bishop

Su Changshan, John (2000-2006), Aux.- Bishop (Coadjutor?)

An Shuxin, Francis (2006-2007), Administrator

An Shuxin, Francis (2007-2010), Coadjutor

An Shuxin, Francis (2010- ), Bishop



Baojing [Paoking, Shaoyang], 9.2.1938 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Hunan


Lombos, Joseph László (1938-63), Apost. Prefect



Baotou, patriotic diocese created in 1982 in Inner Mongolia, no bishop until today, see Hohhot

Beihai [Pakhoi, Zhanjiang], 1.8.1920 Apost. Vicariate Western Kwangtung [Kuangtong Occidentale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Pakhoi [Beihai], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of Guangxi diocese


Gauthier, Auguste (1921-27), Apost. Vicar

Deswazières, Gustave-Joseph (1928-29), Apost. Vicar

Penicaud, Louis-Michel (1929-40), Apost. Vicar

Deswazières, Gustave-Joseph (1940-46), Apost. Vicar

Deswazières, Gustave-Joseph (1946-59), Bishop

Chen Xu (Chu), Joseph (1994-2003), Bishop

Su Yongda, Paul (2004- ), Bishop

Beijing [Peking], 23.7.1307 Archdiocese Khanbaliq, 10.4.1690 Diocese Peking, 30.5.1856 Apost. Vicariate Northern Ce-Li [Ce-Li Settentrionale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Peking [Beijing], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese Peking [Beijing]


Montecorvino, Giovanni de (1307-28), Archbishop

Firenze, Pietro da (1311-1332), Aux.-Bishop

Thomas (1311-?), Aux.-Bishop
Catalonia, Jerome of (1311-?), Aux.-Bishop

Albuini, Gerardo (1313), Aux.-Bishop

Perugia, Andrea de (1313-18), Aux.-Bishop

Castello, Peregrino da (1313-ca.1320), Aux.-Bishop

Botras, Nicholas de (1333-38), Archbishop

Cosmas, (1338-70 ?), Archbishop

Prato, Guglielmo de (1370-?), Archbishop

Giuseppe (?-before 1403), Archbishop

Domenico (1403-before 1408), Archbishop

Scopper, Conrad (1408 - ?), Archbishop

Carol (before 1410-?), Archbishop?

Giovanni (1410-?), Apost. Administrator

Jacobus (Italianus de Capha or Jacobus Camporea), (1427-41), Archbishop

Leonard, (?-1448 ?), Archbishop

Bartolomeo, the Elder, (1448-?), Archbishop

Bernardo (before 1456), Archbishop

Pelletz, Johannes de (1456-?)

Bartolomeo, the Younger, (after 1456-?), Archbishop

Caffa, Alessandro de (died 1483), Archbishop

Grangia, Jacobus de (1483-?), (Arch-) Bishop?

Della Chiesa, Bernardino (1690-1721), Bishop

Purificación, Francisco da (1725-1731), Bishop

Sousa (Souza), Policarpo de (1740-57), Bishop

Laimbeckhoven, Godfried Xavier (1757-87), Apost. Administrator

Salutti, Giovanni (1778-81), Bishop

Gouvea, Alejandro de (1782-1808), Bishop

Sousa (Souza) Saraiva, Joaquim de (1804-08), Coadjutor

Sousa (Souza) Saraiva, Joaquim de (1808-18), Bishop

Monteiro da Serra, Verissimo (1818-26), Bishop

Pires Pereira, Caetano (1827-38), Administrator

Franca Castro e Moura, João de (1838-47), Administrator

Franca Castro e Moura, João de (1840), Apost. Vicar (declined)

Mouly, Martial-Joseph (1848-56), Apost. Administrator

Anouilh, Jean-Baptiste (1848-58), Coadjutor

Mouly, Martial-Joseph (1856-68), Apost. Vicar

Guierry, Edmond François (1864-68), Coadjutor

Guierry, Edmond François (1868-69), Apost. Vicar

Delaplace, Louis Gabriel (1870-84), Apost. Vicar

Tagliabue, François (1884-90), Apost. Vicar

Sarthou, Jean-Baptiste (1890-99), Apost. Vicar

Favier, Pierre Marie Alphonse (1897-99), Coadjutor

Favier, Pierre Marie Alphonse (1899-1905), Apost. Vicar

Jarlin, Stanislas François (1899-1905), Coadjutor

Jarlin, Stanislas François (1905-33), Apost. Vicar

Vienne de Hautefeuille, Jean de (1919-23), Coadjutor

Fabrègues, Joseph (1923-30), Coadjutor

Montaigne, Paul Léon (1930-33), Coadjutor

Montaigne, Paul Léon (1933-46), Apost. Vicar

Tien Ken-hsin (Tienchensing), Cardinal Thomas (1946-67), Archbishop

Yao Guang-yu (Yao Kwang Yu), Joseph (1959-66), Bishop

Fu Tie-shan, Michael (1979-2007), Bishop

Pei Xiangde, Matthias (1989-2001), Bishop

Li Shan, Joseph (2007- ), Bishop

Bengbu [Pengpu, Peng-Fou], 21.2.1929 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic Anhui diocese


Berutti, Tommaso (1929-33), Apost. Vicar

Cassini, Cipriano (1936-46), Apost. Vicar

Cassini, Cipriano (1946-51), Bishop

Zhou Yi-zhai (Zhou Yizhou), (1958-1983), Bishop

Zhu Hua-yu, Joseph (1983-2001), Bishop



Cangwu, see Wuzhou

Cangzhou, see Xianxian
Canton, see Guangzhou

Caozhou, Heze [Tsaochow], 12.11.1934 Apost. Vicariate Tsaochowfu, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA dioecese of Heze


Hoowaarts, Franz (1934-46), Apost. Vicar

Hoowaarts, Franz (1946-54), Bishop

Li Ming-yuan, Charles (1958-1966/76), Bishop

Wang Dianduo, Joseph (1996-2004), Bishop

Wang Chengli, (?- ), Apost. Administrator


Ce-Kiam, see Ningbo

Ce-Kiam Occidentale, see Hangzhou

Ce-Kiam Orientale, see Ningbo

Ce-Li Centrale, see Baoding

Ce-Li Marittimo, see Tianjin

Ce-Li Meridio-Occidentale, see Zhengding

Ce-Li Meridio-Orientale, see Xianxian

Ce-Li Orientale, see Yongping

Ce-Li Settentrionale, see Beijing

Central Chensi/Shensi, see Xi’an

Central Chi-Li, see Baoding

Central Mongolia, see Chongli-Xiwanzi

Chang-An, see Xi’an

Changde [Changteh] 19.9.1879 Apost. Vicariate Northern Hunan [Hu-Nan Settentrionale], 3.12.1924 changed name into Changteh [Changde], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Hunan


Suárez, Elia (1879-84), Apost. Pro-Vicar [1]

Torre Merino, Saturnino de la (1884-1916), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Pérez y Pérez, Luis (1896-1910), Apost. Vicar

Hospital, Juventus Joan (1911-17), Apost. Vicar

Diego y Carbajal, Angel (1917-36), Apost. Vicar

Herrero Garrote, Gerardo (1939-46), Apost. Vicar

Herrero Garrote, Gerardo (1946-65), Bishop

Yang Gao-jian, Michael (1958-95), Bishop




Changsha, 15.10.1696-1762 Apost. Vicariate Houkouang, re-established 1838, 8.4.1856 Apost. Vicariate Hunan, 19.9.1879 name changed to Southern Hunan [Hu-Nan Meridionale], 03.12.1924 name changed to Changsha, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese Changsha, for CPA together with Xiangtan, Baojing, Changde, Lixian, Yuanlin, Yueyang, Hangyang and Lingling patriotic diocese of Hunan


Nicolais, Giovanni Francisco (1696-1712 ?), Apost. Vicar

Visdelou, Claude de (1709/1711-?), Apost. Administrator (Elect)

Maoletti (the Elder), Giambattista (1721-1725), Bishop

Fontana, Giacomo Luigi (1838), Apost. Vicar

Rizzolati, Giuseppe (1839-56), Apost. Vicar

Maresca, Francesco Xavier (?-1846), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Novella, Giuseppe Giacomo (1847-1851), Coadjutor

Navarro, Miguel (1853-56), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Navarro, Miguel (1856-77), Apost. Vicar

Banci, Ezechias (1871-79), Coadjutor

Semprini, Eusebio Maria  (1876-77), Coadjutor

Semprini, Eusebio Maria (1877-92), Apost. Vicar

Fantosati, Antonio (1892-1900), Apost. Vicar

Mondaini, Giovanni (1902-30), Apost. Vicar

Palazzi, Raffaele Angelo (1928-30), Coadjutor

Baima, Giulio (1930-33), Apost. Administrator

Stanchi, Giacinto Gaudencio (1933-39), Apost. Vicar

Lacchio, Petronio Secundo (1940-46), Apost. Vicar

Lacchio, Petronio Secundo (1946-76), Archbishop

Xiong De-lian (Hieng Teh-hen, Hiong Te Lien), (1958-1966/76), Bishop

Qu Tian-xi, Simon (1987-2000), Bishop

Qu Ailin, Methodius (2012 - ), Bishop

Changteh, see Changde

Changtien, see Zhoucun

Changting [Tingchow], 27.12.1923 Apost. Prefecture, 8.5.1947 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Xiamen


Pelzer, Egbert Maria (1925-45), Apost. Prefect

Lesinski, Werner Johannes (1947-63), Bishop



Changzhi [Lu An], 17.6.1890 Apost. Vicariate Southern Shansi  [Scian-Si Meridionale] 3.12.1924 name changed to Luanfu, 11.4.1946 Diocese Lu An [Changzhi]


Poell, Martin (1890-91), Apost. Vicar

Hofman, Johannes (1891-1901), Apost. Vicar

Timmer, Albert (1901-26), Apost. Vicar

Spruit, Ferdinand (1927-43), Apost. Vicar

Kramer, Frans Gerard Constantin (1946), Apost. Vicar

Kramer, Frans Gerard Constantin (1946-83), Bishop

Li Weidao, Anthony (1982-98), Bishop

Jin Daoyuan, Andrew (2000-2008), Bishop (for CPA not retired)

Li Yi, Ermenegildus (Paul), (1998-2002), Coadjutor

Li Yi, Ermenegildus (Paul) (2002- 2012), Bishop

Ding Lingbin, Peter (2016-  ), Bishop (for CPA Coadjutor)



Chansi and Chensi, see Taiyuan 

Chan-tong, see Jinan

Chaohsien, see Zhaoxian

Chaotung, see Zhaotong

Chefoo, see Yantai

Chekian, see Ningbo

Chengchow, see Zhengzhou

Chengde, see Jinzhou



Chengdu [Chengtu], 1696 Apost. Vicariate Se-Ciuen/Szechwan, 2.4.1856 name changed to Northwestern Szechwan [Se-Ciuen Settentrionale-Occidentale], 11.4.1946 Diocese Chengtu [Chengdu]


Lionne, Artus de (1697-1713), Apost. Vicar

Basset, Jean (1702-07), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Balluère, Jean-François Martin de la (1713-15), Apost. Vicar

Appiani, Luigi (1715 ?), Apost. Vicar (declined nomination)

Müllener, Johannes (1715-42), Apost. Vicar

Ottonio, François d' (1737), Coadjutor [2]

Maggi, Luigi Maria (1738-42), Coadjutor

Maggi, Luigi Maria (1742-43), Apost. Vicar

Martiliat, Joachim-Enjobert de (1743-55), Apost. Vicar

Maigrot, Jean-Baptiste (1753), Apost. Vicar (died before nomination)

Lacerre, Pierre-Antoine(1753), Apost. Vicar (declined nomination)

Reymond, Claude-François de (1756), Apost. Vicar

Kerhervé, Pierre-Jean (1762), Apost. Vicar (declined nomination)

Pottier, François (1767-92), Apost. Vicar

Saint-Martin, Jean Didier de (1783-92), Coadjutor

Saint-Martin, Jean Didier de (1792-1801), Apost. Vicar

Dufresse, Louis Gabriel Taurin (1798-1801), Coadjutor

Dufresse, Louis Gabriel Taurin (1801-1815), Apost. Vicar

Trenchant, Pierre (1802-1806), Coadjutor

Florens, Jean (1807-14), Coadjutor

Fontana, Giacomo Luigi (1817-38), Apost. Vicar

Perocheau, Jacques (1817-38), Coadjutor

Perocheau, Jacques (1838-61), Apost. Vicar

Desflèches, Eugène Jean Claude (1844-56), Coadjutor

Pinchon, Jean Theophile (1858-61), Coadjutor

Pinchon, Jean Theophile (1861-91), Apost. Vicar

Dunand, Marie-Julien (1893-1915), Apost. Vicar

Rouchouse, Jacques (1916-46), Apost. Vicar

Rouchouse, Jacques (1946-48), Bishop

Pinault, Henri (1949-83), Bishop

Li Xi-ting (Li Hsi Ying), John (1958-89), Bishop

Liu Xianru, Michael (1992-98), Bishop

Li Zhigang, Simon (2011-2011), Bishop (Elect)
Tang Yuange
, Joseph (2016- ), Bishop



Chengting, see Zhengding

Chengtu, see Chengdu

Chen-si, see Yan’an



Chifeng [Chihfeng], 11.1.1932 Apost. Prefecture, 21.4.1949 Diocese Chihfeng [Chifeng], for CPA together with Lintong patriotic diocese of Chifeng


Tchao, Lucas (1932-49), Apost. Prefect

Cheu, Fabian (1949-82), Apost. Prefect

Zhu Wenyu (Zhu Xiang yu; Zhu Weng; Zhu Wen Han), Andreas (1990-2006), Bishop



Chihfeng, see Chifeng

Ching-Yüan, see Baoding

Chongli-Xiwanzi [Siwantze], 28.8.1840 Apost. Vicariate Mongolia, 11.12.1883 name changed to Central Mongolia [Mongolia Centrale], 14.3.1922 name changed to Tchagar, 3.12.1924 name changed to Siwantze [Chongli-Xiwanzi], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA together with Xuanhua diocese of Zhangjiakou


Mouly, Martial-Joseph (1840-48), Apost. Vicar

Daguin, Florent (1848-57), Coadjutor

Daguin, Florent (1857-59), Apost. Vicar

Tagliabue, François (1859-65), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Bray, Geraud (1865-66), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Verbist, Théophile (1866-68), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Smorenburg, Antoon-Everhard (1869-71), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Bax, Jacques (1871-74), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Bax, Jacques (1874-95), Apost. Vicar

Van Aertselaer, Jérôme (1898-1924), Apost. Vicar

Ter Laak, Everard (1914-24), Coadjutor

Ter Laak, Everard (1924-31), Apost. Vicar

De Smedt, Léon Jean Marie (1931-46), Apost. Vicar

De Smedt, Léon Jean Marie (1946-51), Bishop

Zhang Kexing, Melchior (1949-51), Coadjutor

Zhang Kexing, Melchior (1951-88), Bishop

Pan Shao-qing (1958-83), Bishop

Hao Jinli, Andreas (1984-88), Coadjutor or Aux.-Bishop

Xu Lizhi, Philip (1987-92), Aux.- Bishop

Hao Jinli, Andreas (1988-2011), Bishop

Yao Liang, Leo (2002-2009), Coadjutor

Chongqing [Chungking], 2.4.1856 Apost. Vicariate Eastern Szechwan [Se-Ciuen Orientale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Chungking [Chongqing], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Desflèches, Eugene Jean Claude (1856-83), Apost. Vicar

Blettery, Laurent (1867-90), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Coupat, Paul Eugène (1882-83), Coadjutor

Coupat, Paul Eugène (1883-90), Apost. Vicar

Blettery, Laurent (1890-91), Apost. Vicar

Chouvellon, Félix (1891-1924), Apost. Vicar

Jantzen, Louis Gabriel Xavier (1925-46), Apost. Vicar

Jantzen, Louis Gabriel Xavier (1946-50), Archbishop

Shi Ming-liang, (1963-78), Bishop

Liu Zhong-yu, Simon (1981-92), Bishop

Lo Bei Zhan (Luo Beizhan, Lo Pe Zhan), Paulus (1993-2001), Bishop

Hou Guoyong (Guoyang), Joseph (1989- ), Bishop



Chowchich, see Zhouzhi

Chowtsun, see Zhoucun

Chuchow. see Lishui

Chumatien, see Zhumadian

Chungking, see Chongqing

Coastal Chi-Li, see Tianjin



Dali [Tali], 22.11.1929 Mission "sui iuris", 10.12.1934 Apost. Prefecture, 

9.12.1948 Diocese


Erdozainey-Etchard, Pierre (1930-31), Superior

Magenties, Jean-Baptiste (1931-35), Superior

Magenties, Jean-Baptiste (1935-48), Apost. Prefect

Lacoste, Lucien (1948-83), Bishop

Liu Hanchen, Peter (1952-90), Administrator

Zhang Wenchang, Lawrence (2000-2012), Administrator



Daming [Taming, Handan], 11.3.1935 Apost. Prefecture, 8.7.1947 Diocese, for CPA together with Yongnian patriotic diocese of Handan


Szarvas, Nicolas (1946-47), Apost. Prefect

Lischerong, Gáspár (1947-72), Apost. Administrator

Guo Mingye, (1950-66), Apost. Administrator

Zhou Qingyun (1960- ), Bishop

An Shi'en, Simon (1989-2002), Bishop

Chen Bolu (Bailu), Peter (1988-99), Bishop

Yang Xiangtai, Stephen (1996-99), Coadjutor

Yang Xiangtai, Stephen (1999- ), Bishop

Sun Jigen, Joseph (2011- ), Coadjutor



Datong [Tatung], 14.3.1922 Apost. Prefecture Tatungfu, 14.6.1932 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Hoogers, Gerard-Joseph (1923-31), Apost. Prefect

Joosten, Frans (1932), Apost. Prefect

Joosten, Frans (1932-46), Apost. Vicar

Joosten, Frans (1946-47), Bishop

Fan Puhou, (1948-?), Apost. Administrator

Van Buggenhout, Alfons (1950-81), Apost. Administrator

Guo Yingong, Thaddeus (1990-2005), Bishop



Dinhai, see Haizhou

Eastern Chekiang, see Ningbo

Eastern Chi-Li, see Yongping

Eastern Honan, see Kaifeng

Eastern Hupeh, see Hankou

Eastern Kansu, see Tianshui

Eastern Kiangsi, see Yujiang

Eastern Mongolia, see Jinzhou

Eastern Shantung, see Yantai

Eastern Szechwan, see Chongqing


Enshi [Shíhnan], 14.6.1938 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Jingzhou


Gubbels, Natalis (1938-40), Administrator

Hou, John Baptist (1940-42), Apost. Vicar

Gubbels, Natalis (1947-50), Administrator



Fengsiang, see Fengxiang

Fengtien, see Shenyang 



Fengxiang [Fengsiang], 15.11.1932 Apost. Prefecture,  6.6.1942 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Wang Tao-nan (Daonan), Sylvester Philip (1933-42), Apost. Prefect

Wang Tao-nan (Daonan), Sylvester Philip (1942-46), Apost. Vicar

Wang Tao-nan (Daonan), Sylvester Philip (1946-49), Bishop

Zhou Weidao (Chow Wei-tao), Anthony (1950-1979/80), Bishop

Ly Jing Feng (Li Jingfeng), Lucas (1980-83), Coadjutor

Ly Jing Feng (Li Jingfeng), Lucas (1983-2017), Bishop

Zhang Zhiyong, Peter (1996-2010), Coadjutor

Li Huiyuan, Peter (2014-2017), Coadjutor

Li Huiyuan, Peter (2017- ), Bishop



Fenyang, 12.5.1926 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Chen Guodi, Aloysius (1926-30), Apost. Vicar

Liu Jinwen, Francis (1930-46), Apost. Vicar

Liu Jinwen, Francis (1946-48), Bishop

Lei Zhenxia (Lei Chang-hsia), Simon (1949-70), Bishop

Gao Yong, Anthony (1958-71/80?), Bishop

Huo Cheng, John (1991- ), Bishop



Fokien, see Fuzhou

Fo-Kien, see Fuzhou

Foochow, see Fuzhou

Fu Shih, see Yan’an

Fu-Chow, see Yujiang

Fu-Kow, see Yujiang

Funíng, see Xiapu



Fushun, 15.1.1932 Apost. Prefecture, 13.2.1940 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Liaoning


Lane, Raymond Louis (1932-40), Apost. Prefect

Lane, Raymond Louis (1940-46), Apost. Vicar

Lane, Raymond Louis (1946), Bishop



Fuzhou [Foochow, Min-Hou], 15.4.1680 Apost. Vicariate Fokien [Fo-Kien], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese Foochow [Fuzhou]


Pallu, François (1680-84), Apost. Vicar

Della Chiesa, Bernardino (1680-84), Coadjutor

Della Chiesa, Bernardino (1684-87?), Apost. Vicar (?)

Varo, Francisco (1687), Apost. Vicar

Maigrot, Charles (1687-1708), Apost. Vicar

Ventallol, Magino (1718-32), Apost. Vicar

Sanz, Pedro (1728-32), Coadjutor

Sanz, Pedro (1732-47), Apost. Vicar

Oscot y Colombres, Hernando (1737-43), Coadjutor

Serrano Frías, Francisco (1745-47), Coadjutor

Serrano Frías, Francisco (1747-48), Apost. Vicar

Pallas y Faro, Francisco (1753-78), Apost. Vicar

Calvo, José (1781-1812), Apost. Vicar

Carpegna Diaz, Roque José (1801-12), Coadjutor

Carpegna Diaz, Roque José  (1812-49), Apost. Vicar

Sála, Tomás (1818-29), Coadjutor

Calderón, Miguel (1831-49), Coadjutor

Badia, Tomás (1842-44)  [3]

Calderón, Miguel (1849-83), Apost. Vicar

Aguilar, Justo Alfonso (1848-65), Coadjutor

Carreras, Vincent (1866-67), Coadjutor

Gentili, Thomas (1868-83), Coadjutor

Masót y Gómez, Salvador (1884-1911), Apost. Vicar

Aguirre Murga, Francisco (1911-41), Apost. Vicar

Labrador Fraile, Theodor (1946-80), Archbishop

Lin Quan, Joseph (1962-91), Bishop

Ye Yishi, John Baptist (1983/84-1992), Bishop

Yang Shudao (Yang Su Tao), John (1987-2010), Archbishop

Zhen Changcheng (Chen Changcheng ), Joseph (1991-2006),                              


Lin Jiashan, Peter (1997-2010), Coadjutor

Lin Jiashan, Peter (2010- ), Archbishop



Ganzhou [Kanchow], 25.8.1920 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPS part of patriotic diocese of Jiangxi


Dumond, Paul Marie (1920-25), Apost. Administrator

Dumond, Paul Marie (1925-31), Apost. Vicar

O’ Shea, John (1927-31), Coadjutor

O’ Shea, John (1931-46), Apost. Vicar

O’ Shea, John (1946-69), Bishop

Chen Du-qing, (1958-1990), Bishop


Guangxi see Nanning


Guangzhou [Canton] 11.5.1848 Apost. Prefecture Kouangtong/Kuangtung, 6.4.1914 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Libois, François-Napoleon (1848-53), Apost. Prefect

Guillemin, Philippe Zephirin (1853-86), Apost. Prefect

Chausse, Augustin (1880-86), Coadjutor
, Augustin (1886-1900), Apost. Prefect

Mérel, Jean-Marie (1901-14), Apost. Prefect

Mérel, Jean-Marie (1914), Apost. Vicar

Rayssac, Adolphe (1915-16), Apost. Administrator

Budes de Guébriant, Jean-Baptiste (1916-21), Apost. Vicar
, Antoine-Pierre-Jean (1923-46), Apost. Vicar

Yang Fujie (Yeung Fuk-tseuk), Boniface (1931-38), Aux.-Bishop

Fourquet, Antoine-Pierre-Jean (1946-47), Archbishop

Deswazières, Gustave-Joseph (1947-50), Apost. Administrator

Tang Yee-ming (Deng Yiming), Dominic (1950-81), Apost. Administrator

Tang Yee-ming (Deng Yiming), Dominic (1981-95), Archbishop

Tcheng Yu-sin (Cheng Yu Sin), (1958), Bishop (Elect?)

Ye Yin-yun, Joseph (1981-90), Bishop

Ping Leung Lin (Lin Binglian), James (1990-2001), Bishop

Gan Junqiu, Joseph (2007- ), Bishop



Guilin [Kweilin], 9.2.1938 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA part of Guangxi diocese


Romaniello, John Angel (1938-83), Apost. Prefect


Guiyang [Kweyang], 15.10.1696 Apost. Vicariate Guizhou, 1715 suppressed; 27.3.1846 Apost. Vicariate Kuiceu/Kouytcheou/ Koueitcheou, 3.12.1924 name changed to Kweyang [Guiyang], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese, for CPA together with Anlong and Shiqian diocese of Guizhou


Turcotti, Carlo (1696-1706), Apost. Vicar

Visdelou, Claude de (1708-37 ?), Apost. Vicar (Elect)

Albrand, Etienne Raymond (1849-53), Apost. Vicar
Faurie, Louis Simon (1854), Apost. Vicar (declined nomination)

Perny, Paul-Hubert (1853-60), Apost. Administrator

Faurie, Louis Simon (1860-71), Apost. Vicar

Lions, François Eugène (1871-93), Apost. Vicar

Guichard, François (1884-93), Coadjutor

Guichard, François (1893-1913), Apost. Vicar

Seguin, François Lazare (1907-13), Coadjutor

Seguin, François Lazare (1913-42), Apost. Vicar

Larrart, Jean (1933-42), Coadjutor

Larrart, Jean (1942-46), Apost. Vicar

Larrart, Jean (1946-66), Archbishop

Chen Yuencai, (1958-?), Bishop

Hu Daguo, Augustinus (1987- 2011), Bishop

Wang Chong Yi, Andreas Anicetus (1988-2014), Bishop

Xiao Zejiang, Paul (2007-2014), Coadjutor

Xiao Zejiang, Paul (2014- ), Bishop



Guizhou, see Guiyang

Haichow, see Haizhou

Haimen, 11.8.1926 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Zhu Kaimin (Tsu Kai-min), Simon (1926-46), Apost. Vicar

Zhu Kaimin (Tsu Kai-min), Simon (1946-60), Bishop

Yu Cheng-cai, Matthew (1959-2006), Bishop

Yuan Wen Zai, Marc (1989-died? ), Bishop

Shen Bin, Joseph (2010- ), Bishop



Hainan, 15.3.1929 Mission "sui iuris", 18.5.1936 Apost. Prefecture


Julliotte, Paul Marie Joseph (1929-36), Superior

Julliotte, Paul Marie Joseph (1936-39), Apost. Prefect

Desperben, Dominique (1939-80), Apost. Prefect



Haizhou, Dinghai [Haichow, Tunghai], 9.6.1949 Apost. Prefecture


Lacretelle, Ferdinand (1951-83), Apost. Prefect



Hanchung, see Hanzhong

Handan, see Daming

Hangchow, see Hangzhou



Hangzhou [Hangchow], 10.5.1910 Apost. Vicariate Western Chekiang [Ce-Kiam Occidentale], 3.12.1924 changed name into Hangchow [Hangzhou], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Faveau, Paul Albert (1910-37), Apost. Vicar

Deymier, Jean Joseph Georges (1937-46), Apost. Vicar

Deymier, Jean Joseph Georges (1946-56), Archbishop

Wu Guo-huan, Matthias (1958-retired ?), Bishop

Zhu Fengqing, John (1988-97), Bishop

Cao Xiangde, Matthew (2000- ), Bishop



Hankou [Hankow], 2.9.1870 Apost. Vicariate Eastern Hupeh [Hu-Pè Orientale], 12.12.1923 changed name into Hankow [Hankou], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese, for CPA since 2000 together with Hanyang and Wuchan patriotic diocese of Wuhan


Zanoli, Eustachio (1870-83), Apost. Vicar

Carlassare, Vincenzo Epifanio  (1884-1909), Apost. Vicar

Gennaro, Graziano (1906-09), Coadjutor

Gennaro, Graziano (1909-23), Apost. Vicar

Massi, Eugenio (1927-44), Apost. Vicar

Rosà, Giuseppe Maurizio (1946-61), Archbishop

Liu Hede, Odoric (1950-1984), Administrator

Liu Hede, Odoric (1984-2001) Bishop

Dong Guang-qing, Bernardin (1958-84), Bishop

Dong Guang-qing, Bernardin (1984-2007), Archbishop

Yang Shao-huai (Yang Xiaohuai), Anthony (1984-98), Aux.-Bishop

Shen Guo’an, Joseph (2011), Bishop (Elect)




Hankow, see Hankou



Hanyang, 12.12.1923 Apost. Prefecture, 14.7.1927 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Wuhan


Galvin, Edward John (1924-27), Apost. Prefect

Galvin, Edward John (1927-46), Apost. Vicar

Galvin, Edward John (1946-56), Bishop

Tu Shi-hua, Anthony (1959-?), Bishop

Zhang Boren (Zhang Bairen, Chang Bairen), Peter (1986-2005), Bishop




Hanzhong [Hanchung], 1885 Mission Southern Shensi [Scen-Si Meridionale], 6.7.1887 Apost. Vicariate Southern Shensi [Scen-Si Meridionale], 2.12.1924 name changed to Hanchung [Hanzhong], 11.4.1946 Diocese



Giulianelli, Francesco (1885-1887), Apost. Administrator
Antonucci, Gregorio (1888-1895), Apost. Vicar

Passerini, Pio Giuseppe (1895-1918), Apost. Vicar

Capettini, Antonio Maria (1919-25), Apost. Vicar

Balconi, Lorenzo (1928-34), Apost. Vicar

Civelli, Mario (1935-46), Apost. Vicar

Civelli, Mario (1946), Bishop

Maggi, Giuseppe (1946-49), Apost. Administrator

Maggi, Giuseppe (1949-63), Bishop

Li Sheng-xue, John (1959-1984) Bishop

Yu Chengti, Bartholomew (1981-2003), Bishop

Yu Chengxin, Mathias (1989-?), Coadjutor?

Yu Ren Shen (Yu Runchen), Louis (1986-2003), Coadjutor (for CPA Bishop)

Yu Ren Shen (Yu Runchen), Louis (2003- ), Bishop



Harbin, Apost. Exarchate (Byzantine)


Abrantowicz, Fabian (1928-39), Exarch

Cikoto, Andrzej (1939-53), Exarch



Harbin, 28.05.1931 Apost. Administration, since 1958 patriotic diocese, since 1983 patriotic diocese Heilongjiang, which includes also Jiamusi and Qiqihar


Costantini, Celso (1931-33), Ordinary

Zanin, Mario (1933-46), Ordinary

Wang Rui-huan (Wang Rui Kuan), Peter (1959-1992), Bishop

Liu Huanbo, Louis (1990-93), Aux.- Bishop

Liu Huanbo, Louis (1993-97), Bishop

Wei Jingyi, Joseph (? - ?), Apost. Administrator

Zhao Hongchun, Joseph (2011 - ), Apost. Administrator

Yue Fusheng, Joseph (2012- ), Bishop



Heilongjiang, see Harbin (Apost. Administration)

Hengchow, see Hengyang
, see Jingxian



Hengyang [Hengchow], 23.7.1930 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Hunan


Palazzi, Raffaele Angelo (1930-46), Apost. Vicar

Palazzi, Raffaele Angelo (1946-51), Bishop

Wang Cizhang (Wan Tsu-chang), Joseph (1952-61), Bishop

Guo Ze-qian, Tarcisius (1958-77), Bishop


Heze, see Caozhou

Hinganfu, see Ankang



Hohhot [Suiyüan, Kuei Sui], 11.12.1883 Apost. Vicariate Southwestern Mongolia  [Mongolia Occiduo-Meridionale], 14.3.1922 name changed to Suiyüan [Hohhot], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Vos, Alphonse de (1883-88), Apost. Vicar

Hamer, Ferdinand Hubert (1888-1900), Apost. Vicar

Bermijn, Alphonse (1901-15), Apost. Vicar

Van Dijck, Louis (1915-37), Apost. Vicar

Morel, Louis (1938-46), Apost. Vicar

Morel, Louis (1946-51), Archbishop

Wang Xue-ming (Wang Hsueh-ming), Francis (1951-97), Archbishop

Wang Xi Xian, John Baptiste (1997-2005), Bishop

Li Congzhe, John (1984-2002), Bishop

Fan Luyi, Louis (1992-?), Bishop/Administrator

Jiang Liren, John (2000-2001), Coadjutor

Meng Qinglu, Paul (2010- ), Bishop



Ho-Nan Meridionale, see Nanyang

Ho-Nan Occidentale, see Zhengzhou

Ho-Nan Orientale, see Kaifeng

Ho-Nan Settentrionale, see Jixian

Honan, see Jixian

Hong Kong [Xianggang], 22.4.1841 Apost. Prefecture, 4.10.1874 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Joset, Teodoro (1841-42), Apost. Prefect

Feliciani, Antonio (1842-47), Apost. Prefect

Forcade, Theodor Augustin (1847-50) Apost. Pro-Prefect

Feliciani, Antonio (1850-55), Apost. Prefect “ad interim”

Ambrosi, Luigi (1855-67), Apost. Prefect

Raimondi, Giovanni Timoleon (1867-68), Apost. Pro-Prefect

Raimondi, Giovanni Timoleon (1868-74), Apost. Prefect

Raimondi, Giovanni Timoleon (1874-94), Apost. Vicar

Piazzoli, Luigi (1895-1904), Apost. Vicar

Pozzoni, Domenico (1905-24), Apost. Vicar

De Maria, Pietro (1905-23), Apost. Pro-Vicar
, Giovanni (1924-1926), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Valtorta, Enrico Pascal (1926-46), Apost. Vicar

Valtorta, Enrico Pascal (1946-51), Bishop

Bianchi, Lorenzo (1949-51), Coadjutor

Bianchi, Lorenzo (1951-68), Bishop

Hsu Chen-ping, Francis (1967-68), Aux.- Bishop

Hsu Chen-ping, Francis (1968-69), Apost. Administrator

Hsu Chen-ping, Francis (1969-73), Bishop

Lei Wang-kee (Wang Kei-lei), Peter (1971-73), Aux.- Bishop

Lei Wang-kee (Wang Kei-lei), Peter (1973-74), Bishop

Lam Cheuk-Wai, Gabriel (1974-1975), Vicar Capitular

Wu Cheng-chung, John Baptist (1975-2002), Bishop, 1988 Cardinal

Zen Ze-kiun, Joseph (1996-2002), Coadjutor

Tong Hon, John (1996-2008), Aux.- Bishop

Zen Ze-kiun, Joseph (2002- 2009), Bishop, 2006 Cardinal

Tong Hon, John (2008-2009), Coadjutor

Tong Hon, John (2009-2017), Bishop, 2012 Cardinal

Yeung Ming-cheung, Michael (2014-2016), Aux.-Bishop

Lee Bun Sang, Stephen (2014-2016), Aux.-Bishop

Ha Chi-shing, Joseph (2014- ), Aux.-Bishop

Yeung Ming-cheung, Michael (2016-2017), Coadjutor

Yeung Ming-cheung, Michael (2017- ), Bishop



Hongdong [Hungtung], 24.5.1932 Apost. Prefect, 18.4.1950 Diocese


Tcheng Ngnou-tang (Cheng Yutang), Peter (1932-42), Apost. Prefect

Kao, Joseph (1943-45), Apost. Prefect

Han Tingbi (Han Ting-pi), Francis (1949-50), Apost. Pro-Prefect

Han Tingbi (Han Ting-pi), Francis (1950-91), Bishop

Sun Yuanmo, Joseph (1982-91), Aux.-Bishop

Sun Yuanmo, Joseph (1991), Coadjutor

Sun Yuanmo, Joseph (1991-2006), Bishop




Houkouang, see Changsha

Hsíamen, see Xiamen 

Huai-ning, see Anqing



Huizhou (patriotic diocese), 17.06.1958, today part of Guangzhou


Ye Yin-yun, Joseph (1962-81), Bishop


Hunan, see Changsha

Hu-Nan Meridionale, see Changsha

Hu-Nan Settentrionale, see Changde

Hungtung, see Hongdong

Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale, see Yichang

Hu-Pè Occiduo-Settentrionale, see Laohekou

Hu-Pè Orientale, see Hankou

Hu-Pè, see Hupeh




Hupeh [Hu-Pè],  8.4.1856 Apost. Vicariate, 2.9.1870 divided into Eastern Hupeh [Hu-Pè Orientale, Hankou], Northwestern Hupeh  [Hu-Pè Occiduo-Settentrionale, Laohekou] and Southwestern Hupeh [Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale, Yichang]


Spelta, Luigi Celestino (1856-62), Apost. Vicar

Zanoli, Eustachio (1861-62), Coadjutor

Zanoli, Eustachio (1862-70), Apost. Vicar



Hwangchow, see Qichun

Ichang, see Yichang

Ichow, see Linyi

Iduhsien, see Yiduxian




I-li / Kul-Dia, 1.10.1888 Mission “sui iuris”, 1922 suppressed


Steenemann, Johannes Baptist (1893-1918), Superior

Hoogers, Gerard-Joseph (1918-22), Superior



Jehol, see Jinzhou



Jí’an [Kí-an], 19.8.1879 Apost. Vicariate Southern Kiangsi [Kiam-Si Meridionale], 25.8.1920 name changed to Kingan, 3.12.1924 name changed to Kianfu, 11.4.1946 Diocese Kian [Ji’an], for CPS part of patriotic diocese of Jiangxi


Rouger, François Adrien (1879-83), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Rouger, François Adrien (1883-87), Apost. Vicar

Coqset, Auguste (1887-1907), Apost. Vicar

Ciceri, Nicolas (1907-31), Apost. Vicar

Mignani, Gaetano (1928-31), Coadjutor

Mignani, Gaetano (1931-46), Apost. Vicar

Mignani, Gaetano (1946-73), Bishop

Jiamusi [Kiamusze], 9.7.1928 Mission "sui iuris" Ilan, 13.4.1937 name changed to Kiamusze [Jiamusi], 9.4.1940 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA together with Harbin and Qiqihar part of patriotic diocese of Heilongjiang


Sauer, Bonifaz (1928-34), Apost. Administrator

Eberharter, Adelard (1934-40), Superior
, Isidor Hermengild (1940-83), Apost. Prefect

Wei Jingyi, Joseph (? - ), Administrator



Jian’ou [Kienow, Kienning], 28.4.1931 Mission "sui iuris", 3.1.1938 Apost. Prefecture Kienow [Jian’ou], for CPA together with Shaowu patriotic diocese of Minbei


Curran, Paul Adam (1932-37), Superior

Cassidy, William Ferrer (1937-38), Superior

O’ Connor, Michael Augustin (1938-41), Apost. Prefect

Curran, Paul Adam (1948-53), Apost. Prefect

Lin Jiashan, Peter (2010 ?- ), Apost. Prefect

Jiangmen [Kongmoon], 31.1.1924 Apost. Prefecture, 3.2.1927 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Walsh, James Edward (1924-27), Apost. Prefect

Walsh, James Edward (1927-36), Apost. Vicar

Paschang, Adolphe (1937-46), Apost. Vicar

Paschang, Adolphe (1946-68), Bishop

Kang Yingnian, (1958-?), Bishop

Li Pan-shi, Peter Paul (1981-2007), Bishop
Liang Jiansen
, Paul (2011- ), Bishop



Jiangxi, see Nanchang

Jilin [Kírín], 10.5.1898 Apost. Vicariate Northern Manchuria [Manciuria Settentrionale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Kirin [Jilin], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA together with Siping and Yanji patriotic diocese of Jilin


Lalouyer, Pierre (1898-1923), Apost. Vicar

Gaspais, Auguste (1920-23), Coadjutor

Gaspais, Auguste (1923-46), Apost. Vicar

Lemaire, Charles Joseph (1939-45), Coadjutor

Duhart, Pierre (1946-?), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Gaspais, Auguste (1946-52), Bishop

Duhart, Pierre (1952-63), Apost. Administrator

Wang Wei-ming, Mathew (1959-81), Bishop

Liu Dian-chi (Li Dianxi), Roch (1982-85), Bishop

Li Xue-song, John (1985-94), Bishop

Han Jindao, Andreas (1982/86- ), Bishop of Siping

Zhang Hanmin, Damase (1995-99), Administrator

Zhang Hanmin, Damase (1999-2009), Bishop

Jinan [Tsinan], 3.9.1839 Apost. Vicariate Shantung [Scian-Ton or Chan-tong], 2.1.1882 name changed to Northern Shantung [Scian-Ton Settentrionale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Tsinanfu, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Besi, Ludovico Maria conte de (1839-48), Apost. Vicar

Moccagatta, Luigi (1841-44), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Moccagatta, Luigi (1844-48), Coadjutor

Moccagatta, Luigi (1848-70), Apost. Vicar

Fantoni, Annibale (1848 (?) - ?), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Cosi, Eligio Pietro (1865-70), Coadjutor

Cosi, Eligio Pietro (1870-85), Apost. Vicar

Geremia, Beniamino (1884-85), Coadjutor

Geremia, Beniamino (1885-88), Apost. Vicar

Marchi, Pietro Paolo de (1889-1901), Apost. Vicar

Giesen, Ephrem (1902-19), Apost. Vicar

Schmücker, Adalbert (1920-27), Apost. Vicar

Herkenrath, Damaszen (1927-29), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Jarre, Cyrill Rudolph (1929-46), Apost. Vicar

Jarre, Cyrill Rudolph (1946-52), Archbishop

P’ing Ta-kuan, John (1952-84), Administrator

Zhong Huai-de, Joseph (1958-1980), Bishop

Dong Wen-long, (1958-78), Bishop

Guo Chuan-zhen, Samuel (1987- ?), Aux.- Bishop

Zhao Zi-ping (Chao Ziping), James (1987-88), Aux.- Bishop

Zhao Zi-ping (Chao Ziping), James (1988-2008), Archbishop

Zhang Xianwang, Joseph (2004-2008), Coadjutor

Zhang Xianwang, Joseph (2008- ), Archbishop

Jingxian [Kinghsien], Hengshui, 25.4.1939 Apost. Prefecture, 9.1.1947 Diocese, for CPA diocese of Hengshui


Brellinger, Leopold (1939-47), Apost. Prefect

Brellinger, Leopold (1947-67), Bishop

Fan Wen-xing, Peter (1954-?), Administrator

Fan Wen-xing, Peter (1980-99), Bishop

Gao Yuchen, Thomas (1989-?), Bishop

Chen Xilu, Matthias (1996-99), Coadjutor

Chen Xilu, Matthias (1999-2008), Bishop

Feng Xinmao, Peter (2004-2008), Coadjutor

Feng Xinmao, Peter (2008- ), Bishop



Jingzhou, see Shashi



Jining [Tsíníng, Wumeng], 8.2.1929 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA patriotic diocese of Wumeng


Zhang Zhiliang, Evarist (1929-32), Apost. Vicar

Fan Henggan, Joseph (1933-46), Apost. Vicar

Fan Henggan, Joseph (1946-75/79), Bishop

Liu Shigong, John (1989-2017), Bishop

Yao Shun, Anthony, candidate for Coadjutor


Jinzhong, see Yuci

Jinzhou [Jehol], 11.12.1883 Apostolic Vicariate of Eastern Mongolia [Mongolia Orientale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Jehol [Jinzhou], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA parts of Jehol diocese became patriotic diocese of Chengde, other parts belongs now to patriotic diocese of Liaoning


Rutjes, Theodorus Hermann (1883-96), Apost. Vicar

Abels, Conrad (1897-1942), Apost. Vicar

Janssens, Louis (1922-42), Coadjutor

Janssens, Louis (1942-46), Apost. Vicar

Janssens, Louis (1946-48), Bishop

Oste, Joseph Julien (1948-71), Bishop
Shi Huayu
, (1953-58), Apost.

Zhao You-min, (1958-84), Bishop

Guo Jincai, Joseph (2010- ), Bishop



Jixian [Weíhwei, Anyang], 2.3.1844 Apost. Vicariate Honan, 28.8.1882 name changed to Northern Honan [Ho-Nan Settentrionale], name changed to Weíhwei, 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA patriotic diocese of Anyang


Baldus, Jean Henri (1844-65), Apost. Vicar

Jandard, André (1865-67), Administrator

Peyralbe, André (1868-69), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Volonteri, Simeone (1869-73), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Volonteri, Simeone (1873-84), Apost. Vicar

Scarella, Stefano (1884-1902), Apost. Vicar

Menicatti, Giovanni (1901-03), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Menicatti, Giovanni (1903-20), Apost. Vicar

Chiolino, Martino (1921-29), Apost. Vicar

Chiolino, Martino (1929-46), Apost. Administrator

Civelli, Mario (1946-66), Bishop

Chiolino, Martino (1946-48), Apost. Administrator

Zhang Huaixin, Thomas (1981-2016), Bishop

Zhang Yinlin, Joseph (2015-2016), Coadjutor

Zhang Yinlin, Joseph (2016- ), Bishop




Kaifeng, 21.10.1916 Apost. Vicariate Eastern Honan [Ho-Nan Orientale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Kaifeng [Kaifeng], 11.4.1946 Archdiocese


Tacconi, Noè Giuseppe (1916-41), Apost. Vicar

Barosi, Antonio (1940-41), Apost. Administrator

Nogara, Luigi (1942-46), Apost. Administrator

Pollio, Gaetano (1946-60), Archbishop

He Chunming, Stephan (1962-86), Bishop

Liang Xisheng, John Baptist (1989-2007), Bishop

Han Daoyi, Stanislaus (1993-2000), Bishop

Zhong (Song) Changfeng, Anthony (1999/2000-2011), Coadjutor

Gao Hongxiao, Joseph (2005-2007), Coadjutor

Gao Hongxiao, Joseph (2007- ), Bishop



Kaitum, see Zaitum

Kanchow, see Ganzhou


Kangding [Kangtíng],  27.3.1846 Apost. Vicariate Lhassa, 28.7.1868 name changed to Thibet, 3.12.1924 name changed to Kangting [Kangding], 11.4.1946 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Leshan


Rabin, Julien (1849-52), Apost. Prefect "ad interim"

Krick, Nicolas-Michel (1852-54), Apost. Prefect "ad interim"

Renou, Charles-René (1853-1863), Apost. Prefect

Thomine-Desmazures, Jacques Léon (1857-1864), Apost. Vicar

Chauveau, Joseph Marie (1864-77), Apost. Vicar

Biet, Félix  (1878-1901), Apost. Vicar

Giraudeau, Pierre Philippe (1891-97), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Giraudeau, Pierre Philippe (1897-1901), Coadjutor

Giraudeau, Pierre Philippe (1901-36), Apost. Vicar

Valentin, Sylvain Pierre (1926-36), Coadjutor

Valentin, Sylvain Pierre (1926-46), Apost. Vicar

Valentin, Sylvain Pierre (1946-62), Bishop

Wang Ruohan, John Baptist (1989/90- ), Bishop




Kangtíng, see Kangding

Kansu Meridionale, see Tianshui

Kansu Occidentale, see Lanzhou

Kansu Orientale, see Tianshui

Kansu Settentrionale, see Lanzhou

Kansu, see Lanzhou

Kao-Lan, see Lanzhou

Kayíng, see Meixian

Khanbaliq, see Beijing

Kiam-Si Meridionale, see Jí’an

Kiam-Si Orientale, see Yujiang

Kiam-Si Settentrionale, see Nanchang

Kiam-Si, see Nanchang

Kiamusze, see Jiamusi

Kian, see Jí’an

Kí-an, see Jí’an

Kiangchow, see Xinjiang

Kiang-nan, see Nanjing

Kiangsi, see Nanchang

Kiangsu, see Nanjing

Kíatíng, see Leshan

Kichow, see Qichun 

Kienchang, see Nancheng

Kienning, see Jian’ou

Kienow, see Jian’ou

Kientchang, see Xichang

Kingan, see Jí’an

Kinghsien, see Jingxian

Kiou-Kiang, see Nanchang

Kírín, see Jilin

Kongmoon, Jiangmen

Kouangtong, see Guangzhou

Koueitcheou, see Guiyang

Kouytcheou, see Guiyang

Kuamsi, see Nanning

Kuangsi, see Nanning

Kuangtong Occidentale, see Beihai

Kuangtung, see Guangzhou

Kuei Sui, see Hohhot

Kuiceu, see Guiyang

Kul-Dia, see I-li



Kunming,  22.10.1696 Apost. Vicariate Yunnan, 16.2.1922 name changed to Yunnanfu, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese Kunming


Le Blanc, Philibert (1696-1720), Apost. Vicar

Martiliat, Joachim-Enjobert de (1739-43), Apost. Vicar

Ponsot, Joseph (1840-80), Apost. Vicar

Chauveau, Joseph Marie (1849-64), Coadjutor

Fenouil, Jean Joseph (1881-1907), Apost. Vicar

Excoffier, Joseph Claude (1895-1907), Coadjutor

Gorostarzu, Charles Marie Felix de (1907-32), Apost. Vicar

Jonghe d’ Ardoye, Georges de (1933-38), Apost. Vicar

Michel, Adolph (1935-38), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Michel, Adolph (1938-39), Apost. Administrator

Larregain, Jean (1939-42), Apost. Vicar

Michel, Adolph (1939-49), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Derouineau, Alexandre (1943-46), Apost. Vicar

Derouineau, Alexandre (1946-73), Archbishop

Kong Ling-zhong, Paul (1958-1992), Bishop

Zhang Wenchang, Lawrence (2000-2012), Apost. Administrator

Ma Yinglin, Joseph (2006- ), Bishop



Kweilin, see Guilin

Kweíteh, see Shangqiu 

Kweyang, see Guiyang

Lanchow, see Lanzhou


Langfang, 1993 (unofficial) diocese, 1995 supressed


Song Wei-li, Paul (1993-?), Bishop



Lanlung, see Anlong


Lanzhou [Lanchow, Kao-Lan], 21.5.1878 Apost. Vicariate Kansu, 28.4.1905 Apost. Vicariate Northern Kansu [Kansu Settentrionale], 8.3.1922 name changed to Western Kansu [Kansu Occidentale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Lanchowfu, 11.4.1946 Archdiocese



Hamer, Ferdinand Hubert (1878-88), Apost. Vicar

Otto, Hubert (1890-1918), Apost. Vicar

Frederix, Godefroy (1920-22), Apost. Vicar
, Hubert (1922-23), Apost. Administrator

Buddenbrock, Theodor (1923-24), Apost. Administrator

Buddenbrock, Theodor (1924-46), Apost. Vicar

Buddenbrock, Theodor (1946-59), Archbishop

Yang Libo, Philip (1988-98), Bishop

Han Zhihai, Joseph (2003- ), Bishop

Laohekou [Laohokow],  2.9.1870 Apostolic Vicariate Northwestern Hupeh [Hu-Pè Occiduo-Settentrionale], 3.12.1924 name changed to Laohokow [Laohekou], 11.4.1946 Diocese), for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Xiangyang


Banci, Ezechias (1870-71), Apost. Pro-Vicar

Dalceggio, César (1871), Apost. Pro-Vicar or Administrator

Zanoli, Eustachio (1871-76), Administrator

Bili, Pascal (1876-78), Apost. Vicar

Fantosati, Antonio (1878), Administrator

Banci, Ezechias (1879-1903), Apost. Vicar

Landi, Fabiano Francesco (1904-20), Apost. Vicar

Ricci, Luigi Ermenegildo (1922-30), Apost. Vicar

Ferroni, Alfonso Maria Conrad (1932-46), Apost. Vicar

Ferroni, Alfonso Maria Conrad (1946-66), Bishop



Laohokow, see Laohekou

Leshan [Kíatíng], 19.7.1929 Apost. Prefecture Yachow, 2.3.1933 Apost. Vicariate Yachow, 11.4.1946 Diocese Kiating [Leshan], for CPA together with Kangding patriotic diocese of Leshan


Li Jun-ho (Ly Yun-ho), Matthias (1929-33), Apost. Prefect

Li Jun-ho (Ly Yun-ho), Matthias (1933-35), Apost. Vicar

Yu Yuwen (Yu Teh-guen), Fabian (1936-43), Apost. Vicar

Ten Gan-lin (Deng Ji-zhou), Paul (1949-90), Bishop

Luo Duxi (Lo Tou-xy), Matthew (1993-2009), Bishop

Lei Shiyin (Chiyin), Paul (2010- ), Bishop



Lhassa, see Kangding

Liaocheng, see Yanggu

Liaoning, see Shenyang

Lichow, see Lixian 

Lihsien, see Anguo



Lingling [Yungchow], 12.5.1925 Apost. Prefecture


Großrubatscher, Sebastian (1926-27), Apost. Prefect

Jesacher, Johannes Damascus (1928-31), Apost. Administrator

Jesacher, Johannes Damascus (1931-47), Apost. Prefect

Demetz, Vinzenz Maria (1947-48), Apost. Pro-Prefect

Kurz, Blasius Sigibald (1948-73), Apost. Prefect

Li Zhen-lin, Louis (1958-1966/76), Bishop

Linhai [Taichow, Taizhou], 10.8.1926 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Hu Ruoshan (Hu Joo-shan, Hu Jo-shan), Joseph (1926-46), Apost. Vicar

Hu Ruoshan (Hu Joo-shan, Hu Jo-shan), Joseph (1946-62), Bishop

Xu Jiwei, Anthony (1999-2010), Administrator

Xu Jiwei, Anthony (2010-2016), Bishop

Linqing [Lintsing], 24.3.1931 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Liaocheng


Hou (Hu), Gaspar (1931-40), Apost. Prefecture

Li, Joseph (1940-47), Apost. Prefect

Li, Paul (1949-81?), Apost. Prefect



Lintong [Lintung], 18.5.1937 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Chifeng


Larochelle, Edgar (1937-38), Apost. Prefect

Massé, Emilien (1939-43), Apost. Prefect

Prévost Godard, Joseph (1946-56), Apost. Prefect



Lintsing, see Linqing

Lintung, see Lintong



Linyi [Ichow], 1.7.1937 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Weber, Karl (1937-46), Apost. Vicar

Weber, Karl (1946-70), Bishop

Fang Xing Yao, John (1997- ), Bishop


Lishui, 22.6.1931 Apost. Prefecture Chuchow, 18.5.1937 name changed to Lishui, 13.5.1948 Diocese, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Wenzhou


MacGrath, William Cecil (1932-48), Apost. Prefect

Venadam, Louis Arthur (1944-48), Apost. Pro-Prefect

Turner, Kenneth Roderick (1948-83), Bishop

Lixian [Lichow], 28.4.1931 Apost. Prefecture, for CPA part of patriotic diocese of Hunan


Martinez y Martinez, Hippolito (1932-63?), Apost. Prefect

Wang Zicheng (Huang Zichem), Anthony (1987-1995), Bishop


Loyang, see Luoyang

Lu An, see Changzhi

Lu Lung, see Yongping

Luan, see Changzhi


Luoyang [Loyang],  28.5.1929 Apost. Prefecture, 28.1.1935 Apost. Vicariate, 11.4.1946 Diocese


Bassi, Assuero Teofano (1930-35), Apost. Prefect

Bassi, Assuero Teofano (1935-46), Apost. Vicar

Bassi, Assuero Teofano (1946-70), Bishop

Xi Minhuan, Paul (1958-?), Bishop
Li Hongye, Peter (1987-2011), Bishop

Pei Ronggui, Placidus (2003-11), Coadjutor

Mao Qingfu, Peter (2003- ), Aux.-Bishop (?)




[1] Only Planchet 1917:184 assumes, that Suarez became Pro-Vicar in 1881 and  there had been two Pro-Vicars, Ange Abasolo, O.S.A. (1880) and Nicolas Guadilla, O.S.A. (1880-1881).

[2] Only Planchet 1917:207 assumes, that there was a Coadjutor in 1737, but no information on Francois d'Ottonio are available

[3] several sources assume that Mons. Badia became Coadjutor of Fokien in 1840. But during that time Mons. Calderon was the Coadjutor. Possibly he became Coadjutor of Manila. See